Landscape, Seascape & Tropical Nature Paintings



Wanda Nieves was born on May 04,1959 in New York. She established her residency in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1978, where her parents were born. In 1983 obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from the School of Plastics Arts of Puerto Rico and most of her professors are among the most distinguished Contemporary Artist in Puerto Rico’s Art History.

She ventured professionally in different branches of the art field, which included; Graphic Arts, Scenic Painting for the Theaters of PR, Public Art Murals and Creative Director for Film Documentaries, which two have participated in San Juan Cinama Fest International. For fifteen years  she specialized in Exhibit and Industrial Designing for the commercial markets of Puerto Rico, South America and USA.

In 1999, she studies at the School of Classical Realism in France. Since, she has been devoted to creating art expositions of her paintings internationally.



May 2008, Individual Exposition “ Mi Perla” Galeria Obras, San Juan,PR

Sept. 2005 Individual Expositions “Caminos” Galeria Obras,  San Juan, PR

Oct. 2004 64th Exhibition Audubon Artist, 5th Ave. New York, N.Y.

Sept. 2004 Exposition Collective, Casa del Médico, Mayagüez, PR

Julio  2004  “36 Artist Mind,  Spirit and the Imagination” Boston, MA. Expo

International Internet

2003 Muestra National de Artes Edif. Turismo de San Juan, PR

2003 Exposition Collective Casa del Médico, Mayagüez, PR

2003 Individual  Exposition “Tres Elementos”, Casa España, San Juan, PR

2002 Subasta de Art II, a beneficio de Ser, Ponce, PR

2002 Exposition Collective, Galleria Tamara, San Juan, PR

2001 Exposition Collective Miniatures “Mangles”, Pamil Fine Art, San Juan, PR

1999 Individual  Exposition, Estudios Avanzados del Caribe, San Juan, PR

1999 Exposition Collective Realism Classic, Les Ceurquex Pasavant, France.

1998 SOHO International Art Competition (Ganadora), Agora Gallery, New York.

1997 La Fundación Alfonso Arana; (Mentions Honorific en Dibujo), Museo de

Arte & Historia, San Juan, PR

1994 Exposition Collective Installation “Seis por tres”, Museo del Arsenal de la

Marina, San Juan, PR

1994 Exposition Collective Arte para el Mundo “T-Manatus”, Galería Fridman

San Juan, PR

1983 Exposition Collective (Series Graphic: “Colores y yo”), Casa Aboy, San Juan, PR